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The creation and activities of "Tang Shi Yuan Wild Art Festival 2020-2021" (hereinafter referred to as "Tang Shi") start from the theme of "food". In addition to being a basic life-sustaining factor, food is also an excellent material for connecting people. The use of ingredients and banquets as artistic creations that connect audiences and communities has gradually become popular in the field of contemporary art since the 1990s. Contemporary art emphasizes not only the materialized artwork, but also the "relational aesthetics" behind the material. When people gather for a meal, a social space is immediately formed. In this space, how will everyone get along? Will artists and audiences of different cultural backgrounds enter this particular space in different ways? Will the interactive relationship of the biological chain and the production process of food materials become the subject of discussion and attention? Will the selection of cooking utensils and food materials help the participating audience bring different tastes and even auditory memories? And Can such memories be presented or shared again in other media? … "Tang Food" invites participating artists to start with "food", linking people, things, and objects from cities, villages, and fish ponds in the creation process, allowing the audience to "chew".


"Pond Food" consists of 4 parts, including workshops, artist-in-residence program and "Fish Zine". The results of the workshop and the works of the 4 groups of artists in residence will be displayed in the form of an online exhibition. It is hoped that during the epidemic period, the audience and the community can also be connected through art.

In the early stage of the art festival, two Yuanye workshops led by local artists were held, including: Metalworking artist Chen Baofeng's "The Source Clay Can Make Tools!" "And cooking artist Liu Zhikeng (Herman)'s "Walking in the Pond" workshop.


In addition, four groups of artists in residence have regularly explored Taishengwei since November 2020, starting with "food", combining fish pond culture and creation. They are Chen Baijian, Implied Yu Gu Qin, Li Yingshan, and Two Foot Walk.


In addition, the three literati invited this year: Chen Xiaotong, Zhang Weisen, and Li Benying also regularly visit the Tai Sang Wai Fish Pond to investigate and understand the artist’s creations, and then write articles for "Pond Food", focusing on the people and events of Tai Sang Wai , Objects for text creation.

"Tangshiyuanye Art Festival 2020-2021"

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