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Online exhibition

​Resident Artist I Implied & Gu Qin


In the pond


Paper, sculpture


Following last year’s fish pond dinner and recipe creation, this year we will continue to focus on the theme of "food" and explore sustainable art. By making different fish pond character molds, participants can emboss bread into sculptures to feed fish and learn about the ecology and stories of fish ponds. In addition, it will also make edible hand-made paper related to the ecology of fish ponds, hoping to connect the earth and food with people, and explore more food and "food" possibilities.



Ricky LUK's pseudonym (implicit), graduated with a master's degree in architectural design from the University of Hong Kong in 2012. In 2014, full-time life, deputy art creation. With illustrations as the main introduction, he participates in different types of art projects such as picture book creation, performance and installation art.




Gu Qin mainly uses painting as a creative form, and her love of plants and handicrafts has made her fascinated by materials such as paper and fabrics. Materiality plays an important role in some of her works. The materials used in her works, such as paint, paper, clay and even the canvas itself, may be shaped into the theme of the work. She explored the relationship and struggle between materials and materials. She portrays emotions in soft tones and quietly records the passage of time. Her works are like her handwriting without words.


Artist thoughts

Because of the epidemic, there are few opportunities to enter the village. Every time I enter the village, I always like to listen to Aunt Lan's talk, talk about past stories, talk about anecdotes, and sometimes go to her house for a meal, and in the evening she will give you some fruits that she grows. I hope that the epidemic will pass, and I can enter Taishengwei more often and have a chat with the villagers for dinner. -implicit


Being able to participate in the Food Pond Yuanye Art Festival last year was actually due to an accident and coincidence. It was about six or seven years ago. At that time, I was cooking every day because of studying abroad, so I started to collect, record and compile recipes. There are familiar home cooking dishes, new friends’ hometown dishes, and dishes copied from old recipe books. , There are also dishes that I carefully designed for my friends, and each dish connects me and everyone around me or far away. In addition, perhaps it is because I like to draw materials from nature in my artistic creation. Cooking is also a creation for me. It connects me and others as well as me and the earth.


"This hand-painted cookbook contains many stories and memories, but it was lost when it was sent to Hong Kong..." I told it implicitly two years ago. Unexpectedly, the next day, he received an invitation for a recipe creation workshop, so he invited me again. That’s how I used "food" again to connect different people. By cooking with ingredients produced in Tai Sang Wai, I learned about the local fisheries and agriculture, and by making paper with plants in Tai Sang Wai, I learned about the ecology of Hong Kong. Looking forward to this year's Tang Shiyuan Wild Art Festival, we will continue to explore more possibilities of sustainable art and "food". -Guqin


​​Public Participation Workshop Record



New Year is a good time for sugar. Have you ever thought of making preservative-free handmade sugar from local ingredients? This time the artist will teach you how to make buttery toffee from bananas grown in Tai Sang Wai, with decomposable and edible wrapping paper.

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