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Online Exhibition

​Participating Artists I Studio Biped


Food from the Ponds


Video Game & Animation


The fishpond simulator lets audiences input different parameters to imitate the fish farmers and migratory birds in the natural cycle of fishponds in Tai Sang Wai. It prompts them to reflect on the human's position in the ecosystem by enabling them to verify the different ecological outcomes of different actions, aiming to arouse the audiences' curiosity and transfer knowledge in an alternative way. Apart from simulating, we hope the simulator can be an intriguing game that triggers inspiration and experiments.


Studio Biped


Studio Biped (Studio Two Foot Walking) is an animation production studio based in Hong Kong. The idea behind'Biped' is a toddler learning to walk with two feet, starting a journey that's unknown yet curious. We specialise in animation production, visual development , technical research, and storytelling. We work closely with artists of a diverse background, in a constant search for new possibilities in animation.

Artist's Thought


I dare to think we will be able to get rid of our masks and breathe the air of fishponds and farms freely one day.


I dare to think we can enjoy our meals together on the fishpond bunds.


I think we all live under the same sun in the natural cycle.


I think we can calm down and listen to ourselves at the moment while eating.


I believe in the power of art.


I believe if a powerless sigh was what we could have, I would utter it in an impressive and thoughtful way.

​Record of Participatory Workshop

Food from the Ponds pilot activity-Paint your favourite migratory birds


Have you ever wondered how migratory birds heading to Hong Kong for winter and local fishponds influence each other? Do you know how human activities have changed the ecology of birds?


Our artists are working on a game simulating the ecology in the fishponds that allows players to explore the causes affecting the fishpond ecology and the respective consequences.


In this pilot activity, Participants are invited to observe and paint the winter migratory birds in Tai Sang Wai. Our artists will then animate the paintings in the simulation game and project them on a wall to let everyone appreciate the birds' fascinating appearance!

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