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​Artist-in-residence I Li Yingshan


You Li




Walking slowly along the edge of the fish pond, as if observing from a place where the city is opposed to nature. When you travel between the two, you find that different ecological activities and the daily life of the villagers create a unique sound environment. This work uses slow sound and impromptu performances. I hope the participants will be free to listen to and appreciate the scenery of different locations in the Tai Sang Wai fish pond. Feel its vitality from the various activities encountered on the road and the ingredients of Tai Sang Wai.

Li Yingshan


Li Yingshan was born in Hong Kong. Past works are mainly installations and improvisations. Take listening as an important channel to connect with the world and oneself, and feel the flow of every moment. She believes that creation means exploring and accepting more possibilities for herself and others. The recent performances are mainly electronic musical instruments and self-made sound objects. It is hoped that they can create new experiences in the same space with various performers and audiences. In addition, I have recently studied various natural therapies and their healing arts, hoping to nourish creation from listening to the body and mind to healing the disease.

Fiona Lee.jpg

Artist thoughts


Visiting Tai Sang Wai under the "policy" of the epidemic, walking slowly from the edge of the fish pond, like observing from the edge of the opposition between the city and nature. The first time I visited, I met Uncle Gen. He is an elderly and energetic villager who insists on raising shrimp and fish for Hong Kong people through friendly farming methods, so that the people can eat healthy ingredients. Of course, it is not just for humans to eat, but also for migratory birds and his puppies. Observing between Dashengwei and the city several times back and forth, it seems that the life of aquaculture in fish ponds and the "politics" of the epidemic in the city have a different outlook on life. The observation of two different ideologies in the same city makes me reflect on what is ecology? What is the real practice of ecological conservation? Perhaps before doing related environmental conservation, you should also use your body and mind as a micro-ecology, so why practice "conservation".

​Public Participation Workshop Record

You Li


As the source of life in fish ponds, it is not difficult to find the vitality of nature between the water surface and the bottom line, and the ecological cycle of survival and death is also close at the same time. We will use the fish pond as the stage to introduce the sound of nature and make an impromptu performance.


We sincerely invite you to participate in this "Sound Walk" between the countryside and the city to listen to and feel the unique sound environment of Dashengwei.


And make your unique "Bird Music"* and sing and sing together in the fish pond.

*A sound generator that mimics the chirping of birds


Voice performance: Fiona Lee

Environmental Dance: Sabrina Wong Huang Duru

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