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​Artist-in-residence I Chen Baijian


Tang Shi, one person, shouldn't it!




Then, you/you can choose one of the wooden "single eaves" scattered on different positions of the fish pond foundation and sit down. While breathing slowly, use your five senses to savor a light meal prepared by the fish pond for you/you. Under different roofs, no matter what kind of weather, we are always connected in the cycle of "eating" in nature.

Chen Baijian


Chen Baijian graduated from the School of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree. As an artist, he sees himself as a storyteller, specializing in collecting stories about things, and sorting out the multiple relationships between people and things in different narrative methods. Chen's creation focuses on observing the world from the process of conception and research, and contacting people from all corners of the world through different art forms. Therefore, his works are often also a platform for communicating with people, sharing the joys, sorrows, sorrows, and attachments of people to things, and reflecting on the cultural history of things from all aspects of the world.


Artist thoughts


I dare to think that one day we can take off the masks and breathe the breath of fish ponds and farmland freely.


I dare to think that there will always be a time when we can get together and eat on the embankment of the fish pond.


I think, in the cycle of nature, we all live under the same roof.


I thought, if we were all eating, we could quietly listen to who we are now.


I feel that I have always believed in the power of art.


I feel that if the end of the matter is only a weak and helpless sigh "Ah...", then I hope that I can have a more connotative and profound sigh.

​Public Participation Workshop Record