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Online exhibition

​Artist in Residence I Two-legged Walk


Who knows Tang Zhongchao


Online games and animation


The fish pond simulator allows the audience to input various "parameters" to simulate the ecological cycle of fishermen and migratory birds in the Tai Sang Wai fish pond, allowing the audience to personally verify the different ecological consequences that different actions may cause, and reflect on the position of humans in the ecosystem. The work aims to inspire the curiosity of the audience and transfer knowledge in an alternative way. I hope that the simulator will ultimately not only be a simulation, but also a fun game that triggers thinking and experimentation.

Two-legged walking


Studio Two Foot Walk is an animation production company in Hong Kong. "Two-legged walking" is inspired by how children start a new unknown journey with full curiosity when they just learn to walk on both feet. We are good at animation production, pre-design, technical research and story writing. We often work closely with creators in different fields, hoping to explore more possibilities for animation.


Artist thoughts


Looking at the fish ponds, one cannot help but lament the skill and wisdom of mankind, transforming the existing things of nature into artificial wetlands that produce and sustain life. Humans seem to be the owners of this land and have the power to live and kill. Whether the fish pond survives or not is all within one thought. But when you think about it carefully, isn't all of this abundance given by nature? Thousands of years ago, it prepared suitable geographical conditions and put aside various interdependent and multiplying animals and plants, so that later people could inherit this benefit, build their homes, and have enough food and clothing for three meals. All this shows that human beings are not detached from all things, but the wheel of life allows us to breathe and grow here. And as a link in the ecosystem, should we also fulfill our obligations? As users of the same piece of land, besides requesting it, can we also give it? And make full use of our unique "wisdom" to build a system and environment in human society that can induce other humans to "give" more?

​Public Participation Workshop Record

"Who knows the pond" pilot activity-draw the winter migratory birds in your heart


Have you ever wondered how the birds and fish ponds that spend the winter in Hong Kong affect each other? How will human activities change the ecology of birds? The artist is making a fish pond ecological simulation game, allowing everyone to discover the influence and reason behind different results through various choices.


Participants are invited to the fish pond to observe and draw the winter migratory birds around this event. The artist will input everyone's work into the game set and turn it into an animation and project it on the wall to let everyone see how interesting they are moving. appearance!

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