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Online Exhibition

​Participating Artists I CHAN Pak Kin, Brandon


Seat for One, Thanks!




Wooden "single seats under eaves" scatter at different locations on the fishpond bunds. You can take a seat, breathe slowly, and enjoy a homely meal prepared by the fishponds with your five senses. Despite sitting under different eaves, we are still all together in the natural cycle of "Eating", regardless of the weather.

CHAN Pak Kin, Brandon


CHAN Pak Kin graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University(HKBU), Master of Visual Arts(Studio Arts and Extended Media) in 2015, Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in Visual Arts in 2012. As an artist, he considers himself a storyteller who collects stories about objects and creates different forms of narratives to look at the complex relationship between objects and people. He is fascinated in material culture and relational aesthetics. His artistic practice puts much emphasis on the research process that brings the artist closer to a wide range of people. This also enables his creative outcomes to be an engaging platform to share people's stories in reflecting upon what material culture means.


Artist's Thought


I dare to think we will be able to get rid of our masks and breathe the air of fishponds and farms freely one day.


I dare to think we can enjoy our meals together on the fishpond bunds.


I think we all live under the same sun in the natural cycle.


I think we can calm down and listen to ourselves at the moment while eating.


I believe in the power of art.


I believe if a powerless sigh was what we could have, I would utter it in an impressive and thoughtful way.

​Record of Participatory Workshop

Seat for One, Thanks!


We are always connected in the natural "eating" cycle regardless of the weather, even though we live under different roofs.


Visitors can choose a "wooden single chair with eaves" scattered on the bund of Tai Sang Wai's fishpond and take a seat. Once seated, visitors can scan the QR Code inside the "Lunch box for One" placed on each seat. Listen to the instruction and breathe slowly before savouring the light meal by the fishponds with your five senses.

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