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The symbiotic relationship of man, bird, and fish──two-legged walking

Text: Chen Xiaotong












Under the opportunity of an animated feature film work, through a friend's introduction, Angela, who is studying animation undergraduate, and Anita, who has a background in a commercial company, began to cooperate to establish a "two-legged walk". Their respective expertises complement each other, and the tacit understanding is also self-evident. Metaphor. The animator has a clear distinction on the positioning of the work. There are animations made by working for a living, and there are also works that simply express oneself and show personal works. Angela has the experience of farming in the fields, and her work originally has agricultural elements. This time she participated in the "Tangshiyuan Wild Art Festival" and used the Dashengwei fish pond as the cornerstone of their works. The relationship between humans and nature happened to be the two of them. Independent production subject of interest.


Compared with the influence of regional feelings and sentiments, the two people who have no deep understanding of Tai Shengwei and the logic first, the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society's bird census data and the methods of bird conservation in various places can promote this creation: "Different conservation narratives all mention protecting birds and protecting the environment, emphasizing the plight of birds. But looking back, this is a symbiosis of nature, and it should not be that birds unilaterally snatch fish raised by fishermen. It’s not that fishermen drag the birds unilaterally. Is there a possibility of reciprocity?” Anita said, and Angela added: “The starting point of conservation groups must be to continue the survival rate of species. When it cooperates with an entire fishing village, In terms of economics and conservation value, how do the two understand each other? The livelihoods of villagers may also be affected. I am most curious about how the two sides balance the conservation of birds."


Thus, the prototype of an online game that simulates the ecology of fish ponds appeared. Although they were invited to create in an unfamiliar Dashengwei, their predecessors have established a good relationship with the village. In this creation, the two can have in-depth contact with the land environment of Dashengwei, and learn about people, birds, and fish through the villagers’ oral memories and experience. Relationship. "This work is like an active creation homework for us." Angela concluded. The game was originally intended to introduce birds and fish. Later, fishermen’s economic considerations were added. Anita hopes that game participants may be able to think about the hidden social problems behind fish ponds and bird conservation: "If they would question the current economy and What's wrong with the policy? How can the human social system be changed to make us more in harmony with the natural ecology? This is the impact this game can bring."

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