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"Fish Pond Virtual Observation Log"

Text: Zhang Weisen  


After moving to the village house in District N, he always had weird dreams, big and small, every morning. Sometimes they were well-founded and looked real, sometimes they were illusory, chasing after the wind. Sometimes after getting up, I have to spend some effort to think about what is true and what is false. Between the real and the truth, it seems that they have begun to disturb his life.

He always remembered dreaming about fish ponds, just like Zhuangzi Toshi, but he was always suspicious, and he always felt that his new home was "excellent."


After many applications, he was finally able to obtain the right to freely enter and leave the reserve library from the library. This permission is a benefit of the residents living in H city, but it seems that all residents living in H city do not know that they have this right. , Maybe forgot, more accurately, they don't care much about this extra right, only him.

"Beep..." The manager patted the door card and walked back to the front desk where only staff can enter. He was only half an hour late before returning to the counter, and then carefully checked his confirmation letter issued by the city government. Passed him the slightly oxidized key, and he took the key in his hand, as if he was free.

The physical library has become an old product today. If people stop reading books, just switch to e-reading, the concept of books will become more and more confused. As for the spare library, probably only the old books of the past 50 years are stored, and the others are said to have gone to the warehouse or disappeared. He opened the wooden door of the spare book library, and the white LED light tube began to shine from the first door at the door to the end of the room. This is a long and narrow room without a window. The scrolling bookshelves are neatly lined on both sides. To be honest, it was made in 50 years. There are too few books in the spare library, he thought to himself.

Originally, he wanted to find information about local fish ponds, but his sensibility once again defeated reason. Driven by curiosity, he walked to the most secure corner, opened the bookshelf marked "Sociology", and looked at the bookcase. What's in it, the room is spotless, and there is no dust in every bookcase. The thermometer next to it indicates that the temperature in the room is 23 degrees Celsius and the humidity is 55 percent. The place that no one cares about, but it is friendly. Treat every book seriously. He worked hard to pull out Warren. In Warren Belasco's "Food: Convenience, Recognition and Responsibility", judging from the close contact between the book and the bookcase, he concluded that no one has been to this shelf to read the book for a long time.

"Food: Convenience, Recognition and Responsibility", food...", he muttered silently. There are not many books on food culture research. This one can be regarded as one of the references. However, what puzzles him is the word "food". For most residents of City H, what is "food" Nearly extinct, there are probably not many people who can say food. Instead, it is "food"-"In a society dominated by capital and economy, food has already become artificial, commercialized, and mass-produced products"—— Who wants to remember how the fish is going? Apple was not originally an electronic product?

Just like archeology, he began to read the words carefully. To become an awakened consumer of food, he must pay attention to the dialectical balance of the life triangle of convenience, identification and responsibility. By interpreting it literally, it is not difficult to understand what this triangle represents, "Convenience" "Refers to the various aspects of food from production to consumption, involving issues such as materials and cost, to the question of how much consumers will sell; "identification" refers to issues of food culture, such as why egg tarts can become a representative food of a certain place ? Does everyone agree that this food is "good"? As for "responsibility," have you ever imagined that when you buy and eat what food will affect society and ecology? In principle, this is an equilateral triangle. Recognition and convenience are at the bottom of the triangle, bearing the highest responsibility, but we are more concerned with recognition and convenience, such as whether the food is delicious or the price it sells. Under the struggle, the "responsibility" is out of balance.


According to documentary records, the plain named "T" was in the southwest of City H. Later, the residents were able to introduce fish and shrimp fry from the bay due to the convenience of the residents, so it was developed into a small fish pond, the plain. After experiencing an artificial migration, the original site was turned into a single-house mansion.

Once upon a time, T provided a lot of local freshwater fish for City H. Sometimes, the pace of T and H are not the same. In this convenient city H, you can always travel from the north of the border to the south of the island in more than an hour. However, this plain is like a mirage. , There is always a sense of paradise, barren mountains and ridges. Perhaps part of the plain is protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. It is an invisible barrier, and the development of capital has not yet succeeded. I seemed to have heard a piece of news in the past that someone had sneaked into City H. After arriving at Po, he thought about walking in the illuminated direction and he would reach the city center of H. As a result, he returned to his hometown.

Even the residents of City H seem to need a lot of effort to get to T. Except for the local villagers, most probably only "Dragon Friends" or ecologists come to Po. They are protected here, and it is one of the transit points for many migratory birds. Sometimes, some media report that T has many beautiful views of check-in, and will immediately attract some people living in the H city center to come and watch. Due to the inconvenience of T, in this prosperous H city, even the residents of H city, the less active places do not enter the flow. T is an eternal other without a subject.

However, the residents of T would not care about these things.

4. "Aunt Lan" 5. "Fish Food"

Aunt Lan is a fisherman who lives in T. The heroic woman is the head of the family, and her children are all born, so she won't go back, and Aunt Lan doesn't want her children to follow her path.

Speaking of Aunt Lan, she has a few fish ponds that sound luxurious, but she often says, "Fishes don't go over the ponds and don't get fat." Fry crossing the ponds is one of the fish breeding cycles, and more than one pond is still necessary. Of course, the most important thing to be fat is feed. However, the feed for freshwater fish in City H has been leftovers from the food industry, such as peanut bran, bread crust, and crushed doll noodles. .

The narrow road between the pond and the pond is only enough for a 5.5-ton truck to pass. The driver in charge of delivering the feed carefully drove the truck to the end of the hut next to Aunt Lan’s fish pond, which was probably more than an hour later than expected. , But who would know? Aunt Lan invited a bird friend to play cards, but in fact it didn't matter, because the entire delivery "delivery" process was already familiar to the driver, and even quite a tacit understanding. After turning off the key, the driver jumped out of the car without saying a word, went to the back of the car, opened the container door, aimed at the only open space beside the road, and threw bags of bread crumbles in black garbage bags to the ground, skillfully. After the driver unloaded the cargo, he smoked a smoke and drove away after a while. If this scene was seen by some unknown passers-by, it might be mistaken for illegal garbage dumping. Those bags full of bread cannot withstand the impact of being dropped to the ground. Some bags have opened up, and part of the crust is exposed, attracting many birds or other animals at night without spending a lot of money. With strength, you will be able to come to fruition. At the place where the slope was planted by the pond, a pair of lawnmowers was lost, and someone would mow the waist-high grass on the pond at a fixed time. This not only shoveled the weeds by the pond to beautify, but also removed the coarse weeds. Cut it into pieces and use it as fish food after being collected.

Regarding food, whether animals or humans, convenience is the most important thing.

The person called implicit made wooden fish-shaped cake molds and placed them around the fish pond. Then, like making Chinese Tang pie, he took a piece of wet bread crust and pressed it into the mold. After being beaten and beaten, "Peng Peng" knocked out a fish-shaped bread ball. He dropped the two cakes in his hand into the fish pond to feed the fish. Another person named Gu Qin held a lot by the pond. Use different grasses to make a piece of recycled paper that can be eaten by fish. Can the fish deny that the food in the water changes its shape? Probably only Yuer knows. Fish-shaped noodles and recycled paper are made for humans. Fish food has undergone a total of two artificial referrals and interventions. The first referral was a tasteless waste in the food industry. As long as it is changed hands, it becomes The value of fish food is reborn and renewed. Another intervention was to change the bread crust and turn the pond grass into recycled paper. This action is of course designed for people. It is probably a bit like "upcycling". After the appearance of the fish food is changed, is it attracting attention? Let people pay attention to these fish foods again, but for Hidden Guqin, it has undergone a conversion of feed. Probably no one has microcosmic bread crusts and weeds, which has also strengthened their understanding of fish food.

He wanted to tell them that he had seen in "The Way of Watching" that "we never look at just the thing itself; what we look at is always the relationship between the thing and us." But for unknown reasons, this seems to be another thing. Swallowing back into his belly, only looking at the subtle and Guqin beside the fish pond.

6. "Tang Shi, one person, shouldn't it!" 〉

The layout of each fish pond is similar in the end. If you are a road blind or a stranger to this place, you will definitely lose your sense of direction. I learned from a few outsiders that everyone was curious about the "skeleton" of the container in the fish pond. However, the container had no skeleton at all. As for him, he is a road-blind, and that skeleton is just a landmark, just to identify the location.

A few days later, the situation here was a little different. There were a few more high stools with eaves and a small wooden house nearby. He asked the villagers that it was placed by a person named Chen Baijian. "You can sit on a stool to eat," a villager passing by said to him.

He sat on one of the high stools, and there was a small eaves above his head. He thought of the Ichiran ramen, which is one person and one style, but he also understands that perhaps this is a "home" with his own unit as his unit. It is precisely at noon, and missing the time when the fishermen "scrape the fish" is not the best time for migratory birds. It's rare that there is no one, it's just a little windy.

Originally there was a lunch box on the high stool with a piece of fruit and a guide. Before he sat down, he picked up the fruit and the guide with one hand. After being calm, he looked back at the fruit as big as his palm. Then, he Follow the instructions obediently, carefully and focus on peeling off one piece of peel, one piece, two pieces, three pieces..., one breath, one breath, the bitter juice on the outer skin flooded in the breeze, twitching his eyes, disturbing his nose. He remembered that in order to increase fisheries income and to build fish ponds for each person, fishermen would also use pond mud to grow fruit trees. The fruit he ate was probably the fruit of the fishermen.

During the ten minutes of keeping him contemplation, he developed a cultural sense of cognition through the present moment of eating, and was blessed with emotions. There is no memory of the past, perhaps a priori memory. He remembered the difference between "scene" and "environment." , The scene is the immediate object, the environment is the moment after eating the fruit, the value identity changes.

You may question, why would he be so pleased with something that suddenly airborne? Wouldn't you doubt it? It doesn't matter, he believed it anyway.

7. "You Li"

This time, he made new friends in the library, but something will happen.

Amid the roar of the aeration pump in the fish pond, the water waves went up and down, but in this roar, you heard unidentified sounds on both sides of the fish pond. On one side, Uncle Gen used the back of a knife to knock on his self-made silver "musical instrument" to drive away the cormorants in the pond, but the migratory birds seemed to be used to those high-frequency "Peng Peng" sounds. Uncle Gen is a person with a story and has been on TV. When T's people and events become news, they are often related to money. The scenery is used for consumption, which is money, and the land is money in H city, even a three-year-old child. You will know that when you have seen his demonstrations hanging outside the shed, you will probably know.

On the other side, Li Yingshan brought different people, listening to the sound of this environment to us at the moment, imitating workers scraping fish, and in this fish pond, the daily operations of the fish pond were "re-enacted". Most of the people and things in fish ponds are used mechanically. Feeding fish, shoveling the pond, and scraping fish seasonally. Inertia makes us feel "uneventful," and it is also the way of human survival. Intervening with people, using people to "re-enact" their inertia, making daily life "eventful" may be a process of restarting cognition.

8. "Who knows Tang Zhongchao"

This year is indeed not the same as in the past. The entrance of the village rarely hangs an iron chain to warn Friends of Long that "the idlers should not enter." Of course, these are friendly reminders. Some people ignore the notice. Where is our curiosity about this land? Is it real estate? Is it beautiful? Is it a migratory bird? The curiosity there is all visible.

More things that used to be weird are now becoming the new normal. Have you ever thought about YouTube’s exotic parade videos, but they have become a comfort food for frequent travellers? Have you ever imagined that you need to have a meeting with colleagues and students composed of pixels on the screen to give lectures? When you want to go out for a meal, you are also trapped by the environment. The screen world is like a real lifeboat. Watching the phone's battery power turns red, your adrenal glands also soar. The world will soon be separated from me, at this moment I know that this world is so important to me.

However, this duo named "Two-legged Walk" has long been accustomed to this "world." To be more accurate, the world is presented in various ways. The virtual world is not subordinate to reality. , This world is both independent and self-contained. In terms of cognition and convenience, it is more functional and efficient than the actual T.

They invited him to take a trip to the virtual fish pond simulator that day to fill in the undesirable steps in real life. The virtual game on the Internet not only combines games, but also has guided activities. Or you can get some knowledge about ecology and migratory birds from it. I am reminded of the popular "Animal Crossing Friends Club", when the social distance is no longer the same, we still hope to start a new social life in the virtual or imitate the daily mode.

He is playing this game on the computer in the library. He understands that this is a game. No matter how he makes a mistake in the game, the consequences will only be repeated. You can feel the responsibility without paying the price. However, he had seen people coming to dump construction waste on this plain from time to time. He remembered a farmer who said that if a piece of contaminated land, it will take about seven years or more, and after a lot of tillage, it can be restored to a piece of land that can be planted with "edible." The words echoed in his heart.

9. "No space, no ending, purely about watching"

"Have you watched "The Matrix"?"

"No! How could I have seen it? It's an old drama all so many years ago? What does the movie say?"

"I haven't watched it! It doesn't matter, anyway, we are living more and more like in the world of "Matrix". Indeed, the reality now is a bit illusory, maybe it is a true prophetic movie."


"Look, the aconites, black crucian carp, white prawns, and carp here have lived in this "world" since they were young, or they were moved from this pond to another pond. There is never a shortage of crusts, doll noodles, fresh grass, etc., and there is no artificial catalyst. Living in a fish pond can keep you adequate for three meals. However, when you have no choice when you come to this borrowed space or borrowed time, you have to bear certain risks. For example, I saw that you have a few companions. Soon after you come to this world, you will be influenced by a group of people. The migratory birds flying from the north were taken away in one bite. Some, if they were raised until they were fat and fat, they would be caught by nets and sent elsewhere. Then, a new group of residents would visit, and they didn’t know what happened in the past. . "


"The world you and I live in is just such a situation."

"Really? You brought me all the way to give me reality pills? I can't afford this responsibility."

"After all we haven't talked about the responsibility... and said you haven't watched "Matrix"? You, uh, am I still acting as a young man?" He said in surprise.

"The person who held the key last time should be me."

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