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About | The Hong Kong Fishpond Conservation Scheme

In 2012, the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society was funded by the Environment and Conservation Fund to start the Hong Kong Fishpond Conservation Scheme in north-west New Territories. In collaboration with local fish farmers, habitat management measures were implemented in more than 600 ha of fishponds to enhance the ecological value of fishponds and maintain their attractiveness to wildlife, in particular waterbirds, by providing feeding grounds and roosting sites.


Fishponds are the breeding grounds and roosting sites for amphibians, reptiles, mammals and insects such as dragonflies and fireflies. Under such management measures, fishponds have a high ecological value by benefiting local wildlife flourish. The scheme aims to enable all, including human, birds and other living organisms, to meet their needs and attain a state of equilibrium.


Besides, bird studies and education activities were conducted under the scheme. In recent years, we have integrated  the element of art to the environmental education programs. It enriched the scheme and helped promote the fish pond and wetland conservation to the public.

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