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In 2012, the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society received funding from the Environment and Conservation Fund to launch a pilot project of nature conservation management agreement in fish ponds in the northwestern New Territories. Through cooperation with local fish farmers, habitat management work was carried out in fish ponds of more than 600 hectares to improve and Improve the ecological value of fish ponds and maintain their attractiveness to wild animals, especially by providing more habitat and food and water for birds.


Fish ponds are also the breeding or habitat of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects (such as dragonflies, fireflies, etc.). This kind of fish pond operation mode that is beneficial to the multiplication of various species is of important ecological value. The purpose of the management agreement is to achieve a balance in all aspects, including the needs of humans, birds and other creatures.


In addition, the plan is to conduct bird research, education and publicity and other conservation work. In recent years, we have introduced environmental education in the form of art to enhance public awareness and participation in fish ponds and wetland conservation, and to make activities more diversified.

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