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The existence of art can bring about change-implicit, ancient

Text: Chen Xiaotong












Implied and Guqin are familiar faces of Dashengwei villagers. This is the second time they have participated in the "Tangshiyuanye Art Festival" as a cooperative unit. Gu Qin has been keen on making paper since university, so that he can make paper from different plants and feel the changes in texture. As for the subtlety of being regarded as an illustrator by the general public, in fact, artistic creation is carried out in different forms: "The word'painting' is very interesting and can also represent the action of painting at the same time. In addition to painting on paper, there are many extensions. For example. Draw a mold to make the work three-dimensional.” This year, Gu Qin will make paper from various plant fibers in Dashengwei, and then use it as a street trick. And implicitly, the bread used for feeding the fish will be pressed into different shapes with the mold he made, so that the participants can experience the process of feeding the fish in a more interesting way.


Due to the epidemic this year, the artist-in-residence cannot stay in Dashengwei as in previous years. Both of them are grateful that their participation last year has allowed them to establish a deep relationship with the villagers. "I was stationed in the village for a period of time, often eating and getting along with the villagers, and heard many stories about life here." I recalled implicitly the experience of last year. Due to the epidemic this year, villagers have become more vigilant, and they will feel fear when they see outsiders wearing masks entering the village. Fortunately, the friendship established long ago has not been swallowed by fear. Every time I enter the village, I still receive the care of the villagers, and sometimes I receive the crops from the villagers. "When you buy food in a supermarket, you don't necessarily know what role it played in nature. Knowing the people who grow crops makes me have a strong connection with them." Gu Qin said.


With past experience, villagers such as Aunt Lan and Brother Cheng have long been accustomed to the existence of artists. Entering the village as an artist, implicitly believes that he has the responsibility to tell the villagers what art is. "What I have done and what I have established here is to tell others what art has. Not to mention old people, young people may not understand what art is. Perhaps until now, villagers don’t know what we are here for, but they don’t. Will be disgusted, but will be curious.” Once things exist, they must have its influence, and the butterfly effect is derived in this way. Participants will of course be influenced by the experiences and works of art in Dasheng. Gu Qin hopes to arouse the public’s thinking: "Just like crops and hand-made paper, many things that are considered inevitable will actually take a lot of time to come to our hands. superior.". The subtlety does not care whether the work has a big or small impact on Dashengwei. He laughed and said: "Every time Aunt Lan feeds fish, she may see some dolls by the pond that can be used to feed the fish. Her life has become interesting. This It's already a great influence." Everything that exists will bring about change. They looked at the fish pond in the distance, looking forward to the possibility that was about to happen.

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