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Let Tai Sang Wai return to tranquility──Chen Baijian

Text: Chen Xiaotong












Brandon, an artist who focuses on "relationship art", often participates in various types of community art. He also participated in the Shitang Yuanye Art Festival last year. Originally, Brandon, who also lived in a village house, most unforgettable the intimacy of Dashengwei. "Every evening, when the villagers are cooking, the aroma of the food wafts from the kitchen. They will be curious about each other's dinner dishes and care about each other." This became an unforgettable frame in Brandon's mind. This year, due to the epidemic, it was impossible to stay outside of the village, and because of the epidemic, Hong Kong people had less opportunities to travel abroad and had more time to explore different areas of Hong Kong. During the peak period, two or three hundred people went to Tai Sang Wai a day, which caused the villagers to be disturbed and finally decided Close the village. A neighbor who had been a neighbor for two months in the past, Brandon said that he understands the villagers’ decision very well, but he has not had too many opportunities to contact the villagers, so he has to think about the works created this time. Compared with the close relationship with the villagers when he stayed in the village last year, it is somewhat regrettable. .


"Regardless of the type of community, you must be clear about the distribution structure of the characters in the place, and try to remember the names of the people and the stories behind them. Dialogues can only be established on a long-term basis and mutual respect." This is Brandon's art of participating in the community. Thoughts. It was not difficult to communicate with the villagers last year, but it will be difficult to reproduce this picture this year. "But if you don't take time to experience it, it's hard to have a deep feeling." Therefore, without disturbing the villagers as much as possible, Brandon chose to go in and sit quietly by the fish pond, just sitting like this, looking at the fish pond and thinking. The distance between people is far away. How can we do artistic creation that responds to this through nature? Brandon’s work "Pond Food, One, Shouldn’t It!", the eaves single seat was made with woodwork and placed beside the fish pond, allowing participants to be alone and quietly feeling the atmosphere of Dashengwei, thereby responding to the current people and people The distance limitation between them also brought Brandon's regret that he could not let the participants really eat in at the "Tangshiyuanye Art Festival".


When asked about the impact Brandon expected the work to bring, he handed over an uncommon answer: "I don’t want the work to have too much impact on Dashengwei. It shouldn’t affect Dashengwei at any level. This is not a tourist attraction. , But the place where the villagers live.” But if the work allows participants to feel the daily life of Dashengwei, spend a long time feeling the tranquility of this small community, and let Dashengwei take a rest and restore the original daily life of the villagers. enough.

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