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Chen Xiaotong

Chen Xiaotong, graduated from the Chinese Department of Lingnan University in 2018, and is currently an editor of cultural and art magazines. Pay attention to local art development, including films, comics, art festivals, etc., write character interviews, art topics, and film and television reviews. Articles are often seen in the Hong Kong magazine "Arts and Cultures". The interview is not just a conversation, but a process of finding the answers you need in the lives of others.

Artist Interview

Text: Chen Xiaotong


"The Fish Pond Yuanye Art Festival, which is a collaboration between Art Home and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, has the theme of "Pond Food" this year. However, affected by the epidemic, the artists participating in the project have a very different pattern of inspiration from last year in Tai Sang Wai. Participating in the two-legged walk of the art festival for the first time and from what perspective will Li Yingshan (Fiona) create art works related to Tai Shengwei? Chen Baijian (Brandon), Implied and Chen Guqin, who already knew about Dashengwei last year, what is the difference in their relationship with the villagers and the way of creating art this year? Once in the Tai Sang Wai, the smoke lingering and the pictures of the fish and birds were deeply moved by the participants' minds. They all hoped to be able to present the connection between the Tai Sang Wai fish pond and the migratory birds, the environment and the villagers before the audience. "

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Zhang Weisen

Zhang Weisen received a Bachelor of Chinese Literature and a Master of Visual Culture Studies from Lingnan University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006 and 2009, respectively. Zhang pays attention to the relationship between the art exhibition and the work and the problems arising from the presentation, in order to extend the interpretation space of the exhibition. Now he focuses on art writing work such as art criticism, and is also an artist and curator.

"Fish Pond Virtual Observation Log"

Text: Zhang Weisen


" Once upon a time, T provided a lot of local freshwater fish products for H city. Sometimes things changed. T and H didn’t have the same pace. In this convenient H city, you can always travel from the border to From the north to the south of the island, however, this plain is like a mirage. It always feels like a paradise, barren mountains and ridges. Perhaps part of the plain is protected by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands. It is an invisible barrier. The development of capital has not yet been established. Can succeed. I seemed to have heard a piece of news in the past that someone had sneaked into City H. After arriving at Po, he thought about walking in the illuminated direction and he would reach the city center of H. As a result, he returned to his hometown. "


Li Benying

"Aben" graduated with a degree in art from Royal Melbourne University of Technology in Australia (co-organized by the Hong Kong Academy of Art) in 2020. He holds a postgraduate degree in physics and has worked in the government for many years. When he retired, he was the director of the Hong Kong Observatory. He uses his scientific background to express art in a simple way, and the materials of his works are often street pickets. The themes of art focus on form and color, culture and history. In his spare time, I like to write blogs. It covers everything from science and ecology to literature and current abuses.

  "Art at Home": Notes from Tai Sang Wai


Text: Li Benying


" "Fish pond", "village house", "pond surface is like a mirror", "watching the sunset", "water and sky are the same color", "white egret flies over...beautiful", this seems to come from the words of the guide, you Aunt Lan, who would mistakenly believe that Dashengwei, would also say the same.

Among the 100 visitors, 99 may agree with the above description of Tai Sang Wai. Some people even don't believe that this is actually Hong Kong. I saw photos of the salon from a few years ago on the Internet, filled with the brightly colored huts that accompanied the fish ponds there. "

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