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The epidemic is repeated, the art is the same

Text: Chen Xiaotong

The Fish Pond Yuanye Art Festival, a collaboration between Art Home and the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, has the theme of "Pond Food" this year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the artists participating in the project have a very different pattern of inspiration from last year in Tai Sang Wai. Participating in the two-legged walk of the art festival for the first time and from what perspective will Li Yingshan (Fiona) create art works related to Tai Shengwei? Chen Baijian (Brandon), Implied and Chen Guqin, who already knew about Dashengwei last year, what is the difference in their relationship with the villagers and the way of creating art this year? Once in the Tai Sang Wai, the smoke lingering, the pictures of the fish and the birds were deeply moved by the participants' minds. They all hoped to be able to present the connection between the Tai Sang Wai fish pond and the migratory birds, the environment and the villagers in front of the audience.

The symbiotic relationship of man, bird, and fish-two-legged walking

"Different conservation narratives all mention protecting birds and protecting the environment, emphasizing the plight of birds. But looking back, this is a symbiosis of nature, and it should not be that birds unilaterally snatch fish raised by fishermen. It's not that the fishermen drag the birds unilaterally. Is there a possibility of reciprocity?..."

Studio Biped公眾參與活動(1).png

Let Tai Sang Wai return to tranquility-Chen Baijian

"Regardless of the type of community, you must know the distribution structure of the characters in the place, try to remember the names of the people and the stories behind them. Dialogues can only be established on a long-term basis and mutual respect." This is Brandon's contribution to the community. The idea of art. It was not difficult to communicate with the villagers last year, but it will be difficult to reproduce this picture this year. ...''


Recording the development of local fisheries and agriculture-Li Yingshan

"From the very beginning when I entered the village, what impressed Fiona most directly was the sound of birds. The sound of birds in the area near Tai Sang Wai near Fairview Garden and the fish pond was very different. After talking with the staff of the Bird Watching Club , Fiona discovered that the birds in the Fairview Garden were long-lived birds in Hong Kong, and those near the fish ponds were migratory birds, but the sounds of these birds are hard to hear in the market..."


The existence of art can bring about change-implicit and ancient

"With past experience, villagers such as Aunt Lan and Brother Cheng have long been accustomed to the existence of artists. Entering the village as an artist, he implicitly believes that he has a responsibility to tell the villagers what art is. "What behavior do I have and what I have established here, It’s just to tell others what art has. Don’t talk about old people, young people don’t necessarily understand what art is. Perhaps until now, villagers don’t know what we are here for, but they will not be disgusted, but will be curious.” Once things exist, It must have its influence, and the butterfly effect is derived in this way. ...''

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